Lead Qualification Process

Once a lead registers, an E Campaign is automatically started. This campaign consists of 3 steps:

1. An SMS message is sent 5 mins after registration

2. Listings email is then sent 20 mins after registration

3. A final SMS is sent 24 hours after registration

The 2 SMS messages are templates which pull information from the lead’s profile. This info contains where they were looking, price range and even property type. 

* If a lead registers after 11pm or before 7am, the SMS will not go out until 7am *

Once the SMS is sent, the Pipeline will be changed from “Not Set” to “Tried to Contact”. If the lead responds to the SMS, then the Pipeline will be changed to “Made Contact”. This will pause the campaign and stop the second SMS from going out if it has not already.

The final thing that happens automatically is the listing search. Our system will look at all the properties that the lead has viewed and create a search. The first email will be sent out 24 hours after the lead registered. (keep in mind that the e campaign is sending listings once prior to this)

You will have 3 options:

1. Adding another search

2. Modifying the current search

3. Pausing the current search

If you decide to create another search, or to modify the current one, you will have 3 sections:

1. This is where you will enter the criteria for the search

2. This is where you can select the frequency that the listings will be sent (note that you can now send up to 3 times per day

3. This will allow you to see how many listings and which listings meet the criteria