Setting Up a Lead Campaign on Facebook

In this lesson, you will learn how to set up a lead campaign on Facebook and feed those leads into AgentLocator CRM.

STEP 1: Go to your Ads Manager 

You can access your ads manager via your profile:


You can access your ads manager via

2. Click Green Create Button

3. Choose “Lead Generation” as your Campaign Objective & Name Your Campaign ie: city name – houses under $500k, then click Continue

4. Select your budget, then click Next – (We recommend daily budgets so that YOU control when the ads stop)

5. Name the Adset (optional, but should you wish to run multiple adsets, this allows you to identify each one.  Ie adset 1 mississauga under $500k

6. Set the Schedule – We recommend not having an end date as you can manually turn the ad off… the last thing you want is for an ad to be performing really well, then stop on you.

7. Create your Audience, You can also use a saved audience (after creating your audience, you can choose to save it for future use)

B) Defining your audience 

  1. Location – Hover on location, and click the edit button, then type the city you’re targeting, remove the radius so you’re only targeting that city
  1. Follow the same steps for Age – Hover and click edit
  2. Detailed Targeting – Hover and click edit

You’re going to want to EXCLUDE people by employment / job titles… essentially anyone with a job title as a realtor or employer, you can even enter in brokerages such as RE/MAX, Century21, Etc.  

*** Don’t eliminate people based on Interests ***

8. Placements 

Automatic Placements: Facebook will strategically place your ad in various places ie newsfeed, stories, marketplace on mobile and on desktop

Manual Placements: YOU choose where your ad will appear – this may result in a higher cost per lead if you’re too particular about placements

After selecting your placement option, click Next

Now you’re in the Final process of creating your Ad!  This is where you’re going to add an image or video for your ad and create the form

9. Identity – You can also run this ad on Instagram if already connected to your page

10. Choose whether you want an Image or Video or Carousel for your Ad

** buyer campaigns typically an image or video

** seller campaigns carousel or video

11. Ad Creative

Select the image for your ad, you can upload images, use images from your page or use stock images.  Once you’ve made your selection, click Continue

Primary Text = Text that shows above the image… what people see first – Should encourage the click, minimal emojis (shortcut to emojis is Windows button and a period at the same time)

HeadLine = Bold letters that show next to the Call to action Button

Description = Small text that shows below the Headline

Display Link = Your website Address (optional)

Call to Action = You can switch to whatever you choose – Most common is sign up, download, learn more


If you already have a form that you’re NOT currently using for another campaign, you can use that…. If you don’t have a form, you’ll need to create one or Duplicate another one (when you hover over the form name, it gives you the option to duplicate).

You will want a More Volume Form

The Intro is Optional – If on, you can write a description … if it’s off, it simply prompts for contact info

Questions – you can change the order – Make sure you add a field for phone number!

Privacy Policy – You’re going to grab the url for the privacy policy on your lead gen website and place it where the URL is required

Thank you Screen

Modify to say what you wish it to say

Post a link to your website


You’re all SET!!  

CLICK PUBLISH, and Facebook will review your ad and publish it!