How to Adjust Lead Alerts

To turn on lead alerts notifications in your CRM system. These are alerts for when a lead is active, favorites a property, or looks at a listing three or more times. To do this, simply go over to the administration tab and click on user accounts. Please note, if you want to turn on lead alerts for each user account, you will need to do so on each user account. So to turn on lead alerts for Shawna test here, we’re simply going to click on Shawna’s name. We’re then going to go over to the CRM settings tab. So once you’re over here, you’re going to see a toggle for lead alerts. We’re going to click that and switch it to yes, and we’re going to save it.

Now, what you’re going to want to do is simply refresh your screen and you’ll notice that the lead alerts option has now appeared within the menu. From here, click on that option, and you’re going to see the lead alert settings. So you do have the ability, if you have a branded website to get alerts, when a lead unsubscribes a street match. You can also get an email reminder of any daily tasks that you’ve created.

This alert here will notify you, when a lead has become active looking at listings after four hours of not being on your website, you can change this from yes, no, or have it only on selected leads. You can get notified via email, SMS, or both email and SMS. This alert will notify you when a lead has looked at a property three or more times. Again, you can go, yes, no, only on select leads. And again, the same notification options. This alert here will send you a notification, if a lead likes a property, meaning they favorited that listing that you’ve sent them. Same options, same notifications. After 30 days, this option, you can not edit. This will notify you if a lead has been dormant, meaning they haven’t done anything in 30 days, and then all of a sudden came back to your website. This here will automatically send you a notification of that. Once you’ve gone ahead and updated your lead alerts, simply click save to continue.