How to Use Lead Alerts and Viewed Listings to Engage Your Lead

Here’s a quick tip on how you can leverage the lead alerts. A lot of you may have signed up to get lead alerts based on your leads activity, or perhaps if they favorited a property and so on and so forth. So learning how to leverage that. One thing that you can do is, let’s just pull up this lead right here, and we can see that this lead was active just two hours ago. Now let’s pretend that I got a notification, because let’s say this lead potentially looked at this property three or more times, or maybe they favorited this listing and you got that notification. What you can do is, essentially, grab this MLS number right here and just copy it with your shortcuts on your keyboard. It’s usually your control C or you can right click and pick copy as well.

Now from here, you could even potentially pull up an SMS and send a message with respect to that specific property, again, going back to the previous tutorial on some various SMS responses or canned responses that you can use. Another option would be to hand select listings for this individual. On their email address, essentially, you have a little envelope. It’ll typically show up in a row with this. I do have a very zoomed-in screen right now. You just click on this little icon so that you can select listings for this individual. From here, you would add the filter item of MLS number and simply paste that in there and hit apply filter.

We’ve now got this one listing showing that we know that potential lead has expressed some interest in, whether it was based on the amount of views or they favorited that listing and so on. All you need to do is select this listing and you can either just send the listing email again, if you really wanted to, but recommended would be write a note and preview. So here you can write a note. It could be “Hey Jason, this listing popped up. May be of interest? Let me know what you think.” You could do something like that, right? You could also do, if they favorited that listing, “Hey, Jason, I noticed that you took a liking to this property. Would you like to schedule a time to go view it?” Right? So you’re taking that leads activity, leveraging it, and trying to take it to the next step.

Again, you could essentially do that through an SMS. What you would do is you would open up this listing on your website. For example, if we had the website down here, I know it’s training lead gen. Training. There we go. And we could potentially pull that up through the MLS number. Once we open this listing, you, once it’s open, I’m not logged in, but once you’re open on that listing on that screen, you could essentially grab the URL. You can create like a little Bitly, shortened URL so that it pulls them into that listing, and then again, you could essentially send them a text message of a similar nature.