Using Mass Email to Keep Yourself Top of Mind

Similar to a mass SMS, a mass email is a great way to keep your name top of mind with the leads within your database. To be able to send a mass email, you’re simply going to select the leads here, select all, and then you go apply actions, send mass email. From here, you can choose a safe template that you may have already created, and how to create an email template is in a previous email. Or you can write out your own email within the body here. Before sending a mass email, you do have that option of sending a test email so you can cross-reference and make sure everything is appearing just the way you wish it to go before sending it to any of your leads. And then, once that’s done, you’ll have the option to send. Now it’s not giving me this option right now because I haven’t included anything within this email, so it’s preventing you from accidentally sending a mass email to a bunch of leads without any content in it, essentially.

Now, when you’re sending mass email, again, similar to the SMS, you’re going to want to pick target audiences to be able to send those mass emails to. Some of your leads, they’re not interested in just general information. So the more targeted your email information is with respect to that audience, the better the response you’re going to receive from it. Now, one thing that you may wish to do when sending out or planning to send out a mass email is to do the email validity filter first. So we only want to pull lead where we know we can potentially contact them, so their email is either valid or unknown. So out of these 187, we’ve now got 53 people that have that.

So let’s pretend that you have a pre-construction property or let’s say an investment property that you want to then send out to your leads that are investors. So how you could do that, again, it’s circling back to your tags and tagging your leads so you can have in a more effective follow-up and really create those specific audiences for yourself. So here, we would just add the filter item, “Tag,” and then we go, “Any,” and then let’s pretend this is an investor. So I’m going to select the investor. So out of these 53 leads, four of them have an investor tag on them. So how I send and put together my email regarding this property to an investor may differ from how I would send this listing to just everybody else, right? So an investor, they’re going to want all the details with respect to why this is a great investment for the average buyer. You may want to include some of that information, but it’s not the focus because it may be a home that they’re actually planning on living in. So that’s just one way you can nudge your leads through an email.

Another would be perhaps, if you’re wanting to send market activity based on perhaps, where they’re planning to buy. Is this going to be a good investment in this city, that sort of thing. So you can actually add a filter item of “Buying City.” So when we choose the “Buying City,” this is where the system is set up for them to receive listings in. So let’s pretend we’re looking in Toronto. So now, if I wanted to send a mass email, perhaps it’s a newsletter, but more catered to people that are in that Toronto market, we’ve got 10 leads here that are going to truly benefit from that because somebody that’s looking for a property in Mississauga, let’s say, they’re not necessarily interested in what the market is doing in Toronto because that’s not where they’re planning on purchasing their home.

Another idea is perhaps, again, using tags. You can do tags for first-time buyers. So if you want to send it out to them, you can definitely do so as well. Now, from time to time, you may wish to email leads that perhaps, you have a valid email, but you don’t have a valid phone number. So really, your only communication is through email. So for this, you would just go “Phone Validity,” “is,” and then, for the phone, we would want people that we can potentially can’t call. So we know that we have a valid email or potentially valid email, but we do not have a valid phone number. So when we apply this filter, we’ve got 11 leads in here where we know that our only course of attempt at connecting with this individual is through email. So what’s great with the system is when you’re building out email templates, you have the ability to create emails that are somewhat booking custom based on what they’ve been looking at, right? So you can say, “Hi, first name,” which say, “Hi, Crystal. I noticed that you’ve been checking out listings in ‘most viewed city.'” It’s going to automatically populate that city where they’ve been looking, so you can really create a generalized email, but it looks like you’ve catered it specifically toward their home search.

So sending mass emails periodically, with respect to any new listings that you may be coming on the market, or if you’re having an open house, being able to target those people, again, keeping in mind that many of you do have buyers in your system, but those buyers are also sellers. A lot of them like to see some of the activity that’s going on maybe once a week, this week’s top listings or this week sold listings or this week’s open houses. And again, you can target it based on their “Buying City.” You can also base that on their city. So when you’re doing it [inaudible 00:05:58] their city, it’s essentially … I’ll just do this because I know there is one. When you’re doing the city, this is where the leads IP was at the time of registration. So if you’re wanting to target with that, maybe newly listed in this neighborhood, just so that they can see what’s happening in their neighborhood, or maybe you’re doing market staffs and you want to send information about that specific city, all different ideas to stimulate your leads and provide that value and information that you think that they would find truly beneficial.

Again, cut-and-paste newsletters and content like that often gets overlooked because it’s so generalized, right? For example, downsizers who are seasoned home owners that have bought and sold several times aren’t really interested, necessarily, in information about first-time buyers or how to collectively move in with an additional family, so if you are a blended family, that sort of thing. Just giving some ideas there, they’re not necessarily. So the more catered your mass emails are, or even a mass SMS, the better response you’re going to get.