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Determining exactly what to say to a lead doesn’t come easy. Here you’ll find some videos that will guide you through the process:

Should you take the time to introduce yourself?

Having Difficulties? Speak with Agents Looking for Solutions

Start to look and go through the motions to feel what’s right

Investigating on your own: Need some help to find the right area

Many of you are strictly running buyer campaigns, but remember, many of your buyers are also sellers.
Don’t forget to ask a couple of key questions when callincg your leads such as:

1. What’s your current situation, do you currently own your home or are you renting?

2. Do you need to sell first in order to make a purchase?

“Are you thinking about selling? Let us help with your research.”

Keeping your CRM organized and up to date plays a significant role in your overall success!

Finding “Gold” in your CRM dashboard


Here’s the list to some sample tags:

Calling Leads isn’t as easy as it seems. We often make excuses as to why we’re not calling and/or often avoid calling at all costs.

Here are some useful videos to help you overcome your own mental barriers and mindsets.

Calling your leads like they’re a science experiment – don’t take it personally

Knowing what time is the best time is a thought that many ponder. Reality is, you should call your lead at your earliest opportunity to do so, but don’t call leads at the same time every time you call.

What’s the best time to call leads?

Active leads – how often should you call them

Responding to the ever so common objection of “I have an Agent” is uncertain territory for many.  The reality is:

1. Every person out there KNOWS at least 5 – 6 realtors on average (very easy to say they have an agent)

2. Consumers are starting to learn that it’s the fastest way to get a realtor to “leave them alone.” Always acknowledge their response, but have the right questions ready. How a lead responds can often signal if they’re being honest about their claim. 

Here’s a couple of examples:

1. How long have you and your agent been looking for?

2. What realtor are you working with?

Just Looking but already have an agent


Knowing what to say when a lead says they’re “Just looking” is a tough one. A key factor to remember is that we’re all “just looking” whenever approached from a sales standpoint. (Think about yourself when you walk into a store and an employee asks if you need any help. You respond in most cases in the exact same way).
The key is to dig out what exactly the lead means. “Just looking” could mean a lot of different things depending on the lead’s current situation.

Just Looking means stay in contact & monitor – set expectations

How to handle the passive “I’m just looking” Lead

Just looking for the future

Investigation Stage Utilize an agent as your resource

Number Speaks








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AgentLocator hosts a live dial & expert talk multiple times monthly. We find industry experts to share their knowledge and get dialing experts to dial leads live right in front of us. All this, absolutely free.

AgentLocator Live Dials are twice a month, on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday every month with Beverly Ruffner, as well as every two weeks on Wednesday with Nick Moretti. 

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