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Release 1.98.0

11/17/2022・They’re finally here! Scroll down to the Lead Data section on the left side of your Lead Dashboard or go to Settings on the main menu, and there they are - Custom Fields! Custom Fields can help capture any additional lead data you want or need. You can add four types of Custom Fields: text, number, dropdown, or date picker.

Release 1.97.0

11/3/2022・All release items for 1.97 are back-end technical fixes which do not affect the CRM or website experience.

Release 1.96.0

10/20/2022・We’ve worked on some user experience improvements for your websites and in the CRM + 2 new Advanced Shortcodes.
Our latest Release is focused on creating a better experience for you and your clients.

Release 1.95.0

10/6/2022・With this release, you can pin your most important notes & calls. Also, customize your text depending on whether your users are logged in or logged out, easier access to AI Bot settings, updates to saved search editing + a new listing filter for NTREIS users.

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