Meet Our Lead Instructors

Meet our industry-leading professionals and digital marketing specialists

Our Instructors

Crystal DeVries

Training Manager
CRM System Training

Sanjin Sunny Studenovic

Head of Digital Marketing
Google Ads for Real Estate

Alma Colic Manjo

Digital Marketing Architect
Content Marketing for Real Estate

Tommy Tabakovic

Key Account Manager
Facebook Ads for Real Estate

Brawna Levy

Training Coordinator
CRM System Training

Guest Experts

Beverly Ruffner

CEO and Founder
Balance Business Consulting

Number Speaks








Enrolled Agents

Ado Topuz — CEO
Dzevdet Dautbegovic — CTO

Results Driven

Results are what matters the most. Our #1 priority is to ensure our software is designed to help our clients capture more leads.

We have and we will keep testing our techniques with thousands of clients across Canada & the United States.

When you choose AgentLocator, you can rest assured that you will always have a top-performing website & CRM system.