After the Call – Tagging Your Leads

Sample Tags to Use

Organizing your leads is a very important part of the business. This will allow you to effectively follow up with each and every lead without missing anyone. It will allow you to have a clear and concise idea, of where you are with the lead in the process and what type of lead it is. We have been blessed, to have Beverly of Beverly Business Consulting, provide us with a list of her tags. The tags are posted below. 

CommunicationC: EmailResponds to email
CommunicationC: TextResponds to text
CommunicationC: Night CallAvailable evenings
CommunicationC: LandlineNo cell phone
CommunicationC: GatekeeperOffice Secretary
CommunicationC: Morning CallAvailable mornings
CommunicationC: Day CallAvailable Days/Afternoons
Buyer LostBL: Already SettledBought/sold with another agent
Buyer LostBL: Is AgentLead is an agent
Buyer LostBL: Out of AreaNot in service area (refer it out)
Buyer LostBL: Couldn’t SellCouldn’t sell home to purchase
Buyer LostBL: Language BarrierSpeaks another language
Buyer LostBL: Low PriceNot in serviced price-point
Buyer LostBL: Relo Fell ThroughNo longer relocating
Buyer LostBL: Bye FeliciaKnows everything / difficult
Future OpportunityFO: Has AgentCommitted to another agent
Future OpportunityFO: Not Buying NowNo timeframe or future plans
Future OpportunityFO: Just LookingFuture plans shorter than 1 year
Future OpportunityFO: Just Looking 1+Future plans 1+ year
Future OpportunityFO: Just Looking 2+Future plans 2+ years
Future OpportunityFO: Looking for FriendLooking for someone else
Future OpportunityFO: Unrealisticunrealistic in expectations – unicorn
Future OpportunityFO: On HoldOn hold – no plans
Future OpportunityFO: New JobWill move with new job
Referral OpportunityRO: Out of AreaNot moving into service area – Refer Out
Referral OpportunityRO: Language BarrierSpeaks another language – Refer Out
Referral OpportunityRO: Low PriceNot in Serviced Price-point – Refer Out
SituationS: RentingCurrently renting
SituationS: DivorcingGoing through divorce
SituationS: InvestorLooking for investment
SituationS: RelocatingMoving from another area
SituationS: First Time BuyerNew to home buying process
SituationS: RetiringLikely “right-sizing” and retiring
SituationS: Home OwnerCurrently Owns (possible listing opp)
SituationS: Blended Family2 Families moving into one house
Lender LostLL: Bad CreditLow credit, no plans on repair
Lender LostLL: Credit RepairLow credit/high debt, working on repair
Lender LostLL: Has LenderWorking with non-partner lender (for those who have in-house /team lenders
Lender LostLL: Can’t QualifyBankruptcy, foreclosure, job, etc.
LenderL: Needs Pre-ApprovalHas yet to see a lender
LenderL: Pre-ApprovedLead has been approved for a mortgage
LenderL: Saving for DownPaymentLead is still saving for DP
Seller LostSL: Can’t SellUnable to sell current home
Seller LostSL: Lost ListingPrevious seller client expired/withdrawn
Seller LostSL: Not SellingDecided not to sell, no future plans
Seller LostSL: UnrealisticUnrealistic expectations of list price
Seller LostSL: RefinanceRefinanced instead of selling
MiscellaneousMonitor ActivityReview activity to keep lead engaged

Tagging your leads will help you to identify your leads. They’ll also allow you to create very specific audiences based on tags that leads have or tags that they don’t have. By clicking on this little plus sign, you’ll be able to see your tag list, as well as you can add new tags as well. In the tag list, you’ll notice here that we have a letter, sometimes two letters in front of some of these tags to help group them together. As this tag list is in alphabetical order, so it just allows you to have all your financing tags together, your future opportunities, and so on. We’ll include a link to the sample tags below so that you can actually implement and add those tags into your system. Now adding your tags, as you can see, when you hover over them, gives you that quick [inaudible 00:01:01] as to who a lead is. These tags, you would add as part of your call notes.

As you’re making those call notes afterwards, you should be able to add as a minimum, two tags from any conversation. Whether it’s their situation or timeline or their lending situation and so on. From the call notes here, we’re able to see that we’re still waiting on his pre-approval. We’ve got a tag that he needs pre approval. Now, we also know that he’s an investor, as he indicated that he’s looking for an investment property. By tagging him as investor, if we ever come across or gain an investment opportunity, we can easily pull out all of our investors in the CRM system.

To show you how that would work, is you would go and add the filter and you would select tag. In this case, I would choose any, and you just start typing the tag that you wish to add. This one, I want to add the investor tag. Now, applying this filter, I’m now able to see 43 leads in my system where we have indicated that by situation, they are an investor. Now, if we came up with that investment opportunity or landed that listing, rather, we would be able to select all of these leads and perhaps send them a mass email or a mass SMS with a link to that opportunity, or we can call them all, go through this list and contact them one by one.