Difference Between a Call and a Note

When manually logging calls, it’s important to ensure that you’ve logged your call as a call, rather than a note. What we mean by this is when you open up a lead, and if you’re not using the dialer but rather in the Notes & Calls section, you’re going to see a toggle here for a Note and a Call.

A note is just that. It’s no different than me sticking a sticky note on the computer with a note. I can’t filter as to the last time I left a note on a person. This is where we most commonly see individuals logging their calls, and logging them as a note, and then indicating that they’ve called the lead but they can’t find when they called that lead.

So, always ensuring that you log your call as a call. Putting the date of the call, it’ll default to today’s date and time. You can, of course, backdate these calls. And of course, still logging your call results.

Now, when you log a call with that call result and save it, you’re going to notice that, for one, you’re going to have the call note right here. So, it’s indicated as a call icon, as well as the Lead Stat section will update with that call as well. Previously, this was three calls. It’s now been updated to four calls logged on this specific lead.

Where you’re going to be able to use this is when you’re filtering out leads based on the last call. If I go back home, for example, and I’m using a… either any one of my filters, which is going to be reliant on your call logging, or if I wanted to pull up all my leads that were last contacted by phone today, I can apply that filter and have the ability to see the leads where that call was logged. You can see over here, in the Last Contact section, that one minute ago a call was logged and with a total of four calls on this specific lead.