What to Do With Bad Number Leads

It’s not uncommon to receive leads that have provided an invalid number, whether they provided that invalid number on purpose, or if it was by accident. So what you can do with your bad phone number leads and how you can find them is simply use the filter, phone validity is invalid. This will pull up all the leads in your system where you’ve marked their phone number as invalid. So you can change their invalid phone number valid by the dropdown, or by logging a call that’s a wrong number.

Now, in this case, we may wish to add a campaign to a lead, which we’ll go over to in a moment, but in order to add an email campaign to a lead, we want to make sure that we have the leads with valid emails only in here. So we’ve currently got 438 leads in here that have an invalid phone number. But now we also want to identify the ones that have a valid email. So we’re going to choose valid or unknown in this instance.

So when we apply this filter, we went from 438 to 342 leads where we’ve got a bad phone number, but a valid email. For these leads, you can do mass emails to them. You can also create a bad number campaign. So once you’ve created the campaign and we’ll include a tutorial below on how to do that, you can simply go into your E-campaign section here, select bad number campaign and assign it to that lead because then we know this lead has a bad number.

Now, the bad number campaign, when you build it out will be in your campaign section. And let’s just pull up that bad number campaign. And essentially it’s going to be a series of emails in an attempt to get that lead to respond to that email, providing you with a valid phone number. Once you have that valid phone number, you would then update your lead for contact information with that new number and call them as per usual.

Get your email examples here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nOpy-jTiXYkB3HBSsbQsdlsz8nhG9mdttqOZDluKNKY/edit