Why You Should Use Automated Messages

Using the automated campaigns, whether it be SMSs or emails, is a great way to gain connections with your leads when you may be in a position where you wouldn’t typically be able to do so.

So for example, if let’s say at 11:39 today, you are actually on a showing or a home inspection when this lead registers. The campaign automatically assigned to this lead is trying to attempt to make contact. So it’ll ask a question with those campaigns, trying to get that lead to respond in one way, shape or form.

So these campaigns, of course, can be edited and they are in an additional tutorial. But just so that you can look, you can go into the settings, campaign template editor, and then you can typically find your campaign right here. So the campaign you’d be looking for is the lead qualification campaign. So it’ll look something like this or something like this, where you can go in and edit that campaign.

So for many of you, you’re very busy, you’ve got a lot on your plate and calling leads isn’t your only task on a daily basis. So having a system that helps you gain connections in the background while you’re doing other things is going to allow you to connect with more leads than not.

So our standard will have three messages included in them. There is the first opt-in message, followed by the welcome message, essentially, and then followed by a follow-up message the day after. So you can continuously build out this campaign so that it continues to send messages, in addition to you manually trying to call that lead to assist with gaining connection. So how I would like to always put it is, your campaign should compliment your manual efforts, not replace them. So we don’t want to be just spamming people with messages all the time, we really want to be adding that value, which we can do more so through a conversation.

One thing that you can do in reverting back to identifying your lead source is the automatic assignment. So you can build out campaigns in here based on where that lead came from. Did they come from your lead gen site and they were a buyer lead? Or maybe they came from a home worth page and they’re seller leads. So you can build out some information, whether it’s an attempt to gain connections to those leads, or if you’re just providing valuable information and educating that lead throughout the process, whether it’s the home buying or home selling process.

So the automated message are definitely recommended, as it allows you to attempt communication with five minutes of the lead registering, but also assist you with your follow-ups to gain more connections, versus having several leads sitting in a tried-to-contact pipeline status.