Release 2.05.

New Features and Filter Updates:

CRM Updates: Personalize Your Listing Email Subjects

The latest AgentLocator CRM release brings you one of the most requested features: editable listing email subject lines!

You can do this for both sold and active listing emails. The new option is available within the Listing Email Settings tab.

We have also changed the default subject line of your listing emails:

  • For Active listing emails: NEW! New listings for saved search: [SavedSearchName]
  • For Sold listing emails: SOLD! New listings for saved search: [SavedSearchName]

You will notice we have introduced a new shortcode: [SavedSearchName], which picks up the name of the respective Saved Search. You can use this shortcode only in your listing email subject lines.

Your email subject line is the most important factor determining your email open rates. The email subject has only one role: incentivizing the reader to open the email immediately.

By having the ability to edit your listing email subject, you can make your listing emails get noticed by your leads.

Here are some catchy subjects, as suggested by our copywriter:

Find Your Perfect Match, [FirstName]: [AllPropertyTypes] Between [LookedAtPriceRange] in [MostViewedCity]
Discover Your Next Home: New Listings for Saved Search: [SavedSearchName]
[AgentFirstName] Recommends: Discover These New Listings Matching Your Criteria
Just In: New Listings for Saved Search “[SavedSearchName]”
[FirstName], here are new properties in [MostViewedCity] for you to explore

[FirstName], Explore These New Sold Listings!
Stay in the Loop: New Sold Listings for Your Saved Search: [SavedSearchName]
JUST SOLD! Here’s Your Latest Update for Saved Search ”[SavedSearchName]”
[AgentFirstName]’s Sold Listings Update: [SavedSearchName]
[SavedSearchName]: Recent Sales Update!

See how it works:

CRM Updates: Customize the name of their Saved Search

Your leads will now be able to customize the name of their Saved Search. Our system will automatically name the initial search they create at registration in the following format: City, AL Home Type (e.g. Toronto, Detached).

Afterwards, the leads can edit this default name at any time and as many times as they want. Each of these name changes will be automatically pulled by the [SavedSearchName] shortcode, in case you use it in your listing email subject.

Your leads can now also change the frequency of the listing emails on their own. However, you’ll still be able to change it on their behalf.

See how it works:

Website Updates: Pop-Ups for Unsubscribed Leads

With our latest update, your websites will automatically detect leads that unsubscribed from your emails when they log back in. This will prompt a pop-up to open and ask them if they want to re-subscribe. A pop-up will also open when they try to create a new Saved Search but are not subscribed. This pop-up will open every time they log back in until they re-subscribe.

See how it works:

Website Updates: Unit Numbers Will Now Be Passed to CRM

Previously, while the StreetMatch/Nosey Neighbour website included a Unit Number field, it did not pass this info into the CRM upon registration. With the latest update, the unit number information is passed into the CRM and reflected in the Saved Search subject and System Notes.

See how it works:

Need help with our new features?

If you need any help, email our support team at and we will be happy to help!


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