Release 2.15.

New Features and Updates:

CRM Update - Improved AI Bot Settings with Stopping Clauses in CRM

We are excited to introduce a significant enhancement to our CRM’s AI Bot settings, which empowers agents with greater control over the bot’s interactions with leads. 

With the addition of “Stopping Clauses,” agents can now define conditions under which the AI Bot should discontinue engagement. This update addresses a common client concern where the bot would continue responding when the lead was interacting with SMS messages sent by the agent, resulting in confusion and less professional conversations.

Key Features:

Stopping Clauses: In the AI Bot Settings, agents can now define “Stopping Clauses” based on specific criteria:

  • By Tag: Agents can set stopping clauses based on lead tags. The bot will cease engaging when a lead meets the specified tag criteria.
  • By Source: Stopping clauses can be configured based on lead sources. The bot’s engagement can be stopped when leads originate from specific sources.
  • By Lead Type: Agents can define stopping clauses based on lead types. The bot will discontinue its interactions when a lead falls under the specified lead type.

SMS Message Intervention: When an agent intervenes in a conversation by sending an SMS message, the AI Bot will automatically stop engaging with the lead. The AI Bot toggle in the SMS tab will turn OFF, preventing the client from re-enabling it following Structurely’s policies.

Benefits of the Update:

  • Improved Lead Experience: Stopping clauses ensure that the AI Bot does not interfere with lead interactions, especially when agents are communicating with leads via SMS. This enhances the professionalism and clarity of conversations.
  • Agent Control: Agents have more control over when the AI Bot should engage or stop engaging based on specific lead attributes. This customization enhances the overall lead engagement strategy.
  • Addressed Client Concerns: This update directly addresses client feedback and concerns related to bot engagement, resulting in more satisfying lead interactions.
  • Ongoing Improvement: We remain committed to continually improving our settings based on client feedback, ensuring our CRM aligns with your evolving needs.

Introducing stopping clauses and SMS message intervention will significantly improve lead interactions and streamline agent-bot communications. If you have any questions or need assistance with these features, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at

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CRM Update: Improved User Preferences with Lead Creation Control for Incoming Calls and SMS in CRM

We are pleased to announce a valuable improvement to our CRM’s User Preferences, which offers clients greater control over lead creation methods. With the introduction of a new toggle setting, clients now have the option to turn off the functionality that automatically creates leads for incoming calls and SMS. This feature addresses client concerns regarding unwanted leads generated from spam calls and unadvertised phone numbers.

Key Features:

    • Lead Creation Control: In the User Preferences section, clients will find a new toggle setting to turn off the functionality responsible for automatically creating leads when receiving incoming calls and SMS.

Benefits of the Update:

  • Customized Lead Generation: Clients now have the flexibility to decide whether they want leads to be generated for incoming calls and SMS. This customization ensures that lead generation aligns with their specific preferences and needs.
  • Spam Call Mitigation: Clients who receive a high volume of spam calls or use unadvertised phone numbers can now prevent these calls from generating leads in the CRM, streamlining lead management.
  • Improved User Experience: By addressing client concerns and providing greater control over lead creation, we enhance the overall user experience, increasing satisfaction and efficiency.
  • Client-Centric Approach: This feature is introduced in response to client feedback, demonstrating our commitment to meeting our clients’ needs and continually improving our CRM.

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CRM Update: Custom Listing Email Subject Lines for Enhanced Engagement

This update addresses concerns about listing emails containing generic terms like ‘any city’ or ‘any home type,’ which can sometimes appear spammy. Now, when the subject line of a listing email includes these terms, it will be automatically adjusted to sound more appealing and relevant to the recipient.

Key Feature:

  • Enhanced Subject Lines: Listing email subject lines that contain ‘any city’ or ‘any home type’ will be transformed to provide a more engaging and personalized message. The updated subject lines will be as follows:

    • For Active Listings: “[LeadsFirstName], new homes available in your home search!”
    • For Sold Listings: “[LeadsFirstName], explore these new Sold Listings!”
    • For Rented Listings: “[LeadsFirstName], explore these new Rented Listings!”

Benefits of the Update:

  • Personalized Engagement: The revised subject lines include the lead’s first name and offer a more tailored and engaging introduction to the listing email.
  • Reduced Spam Appearance: By eliminating generic terms like ‘any city’ or ‘any home type,’ the subject lines no longer appear spammy, enhancing lead perception and trust.
  • Improved Client Satisfaction: This enhancement addresses client feedback and ensures that listing emails provide a more professional and engaging experience for leads, contributing to client satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Lead Interaction: Engaging subject lines are more likely to capture leads’ attention and encourage them to explore listings, increasing the likelihood of lead conversion.

These improved listing email subject lines will positively impact lead engagement and overall satisfaction. If you have any questions or require assistance with this feature, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at

Site Manager Update: Introducing User ID Extensions for Personalized Links

We are excited to introduce User ID Extensions, a valuable feature on our new Site Manager platform. 

User ID Extensions enable users to create personalized links that assign visitors to specific agents, regardless of lead-sharing policies. This feature streamlines lead assignment, ensures accurate lead tracking, and enhances the effectiveness of agent marketing efforts. Additionally, it simplifies the registration process for visitors, improving the user experience and increasing the likelihood of lead conversion.

Key Features:

  • User ID Extensions: Users can now add unique User ID extensions to their website links, allowing them to direct visitors to specific agents. This personalized approach ensures that leads generated through these links are automatically assigned based on the User ID.
  • User ID Field in Preferences: A User ID field is added to user preferences to facilitate the use of User ID Extensions. Users can set their unique User ID, which will be used in their personalized links.
  • Dropdown Custom Field: A custom field displays the assigned agent’s name in the lead’s profile. This feature provides a clear and visible indication of the agent responsible for the lead.

Benefits of the Update:

  • Streamlined Lead Assignment: User ID Extensions simplify the lead assignment process by allowing users to direct leads to specific agents, bypassing lead-sharing policies if necessary.
  • Accurate Lead Tracking: With User ID Extensions, tracking leads and attributing them to the correct agent becomes more precise, enhancing data accuracy and reporting capabilities.
  • Enhanced Marketing Effectiveness: Agents can utilize personalized links to improve their marketing efforts, targeting leads more effectively and increasing conversion rates.
  • Improved User Experience: Visitors benefit from a smoother and more personalized registration process, which can boost user satisfaction and encourage lead conversion.
  • Alignment with Legacy Functionality: This feature aligns with the existing functionality on legacy sites, ensuring a seamless transition for users migrating to the new platform.

User ID Extensions will significantly enhance lead assignment, tracking, and marketing efforts while improving the overall user experience. If you have any questions or need assistance with this feature, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at

See how it works:

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