Release 2.22.

New Features and Updates:

CRM - Shortcodes - [LeadVisitedUserWebsite] Integration

We are introducing a new shortcode, [LeadVisitedUserWebsite], which allows clients to dynamically insert the URL of their legacy website into various communications within the CRM. This improvement aims to improve automation and provide clients with more flexibility in communication strategies.

Key Features:

  1. Dynamic URL Generation: The [LeadVisitedUserWebsite] shortcode dynamically pulls the URL of the client’s legacy website and inserts it into designated areas within the CRM.
  2. Legacy Website Integration: Clients can seamlessly integrate the URL of their legacy website into email templates, SMS messages, or other communication channels supported by the CRM.

Client Benefits:

  • Improved Automation: By leveraging the [LeadVisitedUserWebsite] shortcode, clients can automate including their legacy website URL in CRM communications, streamlining their workflow and saving time.
  • Improved Communication: Including the legacy website URL in communications allows for more comprehensive and personalized interactions with leads, fostering stronger connections and engagement.

How It Works:

  • When clients use the [LeadVisitedUserWebsite] shortcode in their CRM communications, it will automatically retrieve and insert the URL of their legacy website at the designated location.

Introducing the [LeadVisitedUserWebsite] shortcode underscores our commitment to empowering clients with advanced automation tools and seamless integration options within the CRM. 

See how it works:

CRM - Incoming Emails - Simplified Display

We are introducing a streamlined approach to displaying incoming emails in the CRM. Instead of showing the entire AgentLocator notification template, only the actual message sent by the lead will be displayed. This adjustment improves the agent’s user experience by simplifying the email view and facilitating quicker responses to lead inquiries.

Key Changes:

  1. Message Focus: The focus will now solely be on the message content sent by the lead. Agents will no longer be presented with the AL notification template, including lead details and previous SMS/notes.
  2. Improved Response Process: By displaying only the lead’s message, agents can easily click on ‘reply’ and respond directly to the lead’s inquiry without any distractions or unnecessary information.


  • This change streamlines the email viewing experience for agents, enabling them to focus on the lead’s message and respond promptly and efficiently.


  • Simplified Viewing: Agents will benefit from a cleaner and more focused email display, which will allow easier reading and quicker response times.
  • Efficient Communication: By removing unnecessary details from the email view, agents can communicate more efficiently with leads, improving overall productivity.

How It Works:

  • Upon receiving an incoming email in the CRM, agents will now see only the message sent by the lead. They can then click ‘reply’ to respond directly to the lead’s inquiry.

This improvement to the CRM’s incoming email display represents our commitment to continuously improving user experience and efficiency for our agents. This streamlined approach will help agents better manage their communication with leads, leading to more effective interactions and, ultimately, better client outcomes.

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CMS - Site Manager - Lead Generation Settings

With this feature, clients will have access to a range of improvements in lead generation settings, providing more control and customization options for their registration process. Here’s what’s included:

  1. Trigger Options: Clients can now choose when the registration form triggers. They can opt for immediate display, trigger after a specified number of unique property views, or activate after a certain number of photo views. This flexibility allows clients to tailor the registration process based on user behaviour.

  2. Registration Form Templates: Clients will have multiple templates when designing their registration forms. These templates offer various styles and layouts, enabling clients to select the one that best aligns with their branding and preferences.

  3. Improved User Experience: The registration form will now pop up and lock the screen, ensuring the lead’s attention is focused on completing the form. This prevents leads from viewing other content or closing the form until they submit their registration details, leading to higher conversion rates.

This update adds more customization options for clients, empowering them to optimize their lead-generation process according to their specific requirements and branding guidelines. Additionally, these improvements aim to enhance the overall user experience and streamline the lead registration process, ultimately driving higher engagement and conversion rates for our clients.

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CMS - Websites - Price Range - Dynamic Increments Based on Property Status

In this update, we’re introducing dynamic price suggestions in the price field dropdown, tailored to the property status. Previously, the price suggestions were based on the ‘for rent’ status, but now they will align with the ‘for sale’ status.

The new price range suggestions for the ‘for sale’ status will be set from $300,000 to $1,750,000. These suggestions will apply to the homepage and the property grid, ensuring consistency across the website.

By adjusting the price increments based on the property status, we aim to enhance the user experience and streamline the property search process for leads. This change makes the website more intuitive and user-friendly, helping leads find relevant properties more efficiently.

Overall, this update reflects our commitment to continuously improve our platform and prioritize the needs of our clients and their leads.

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New Filters Added to OREB, MRED & NTREIS

Feeds – OREB – Filter/Display Field – Site Influences

With this update, users will now have the ability to filter properties based on site influences in the OREB feed. Site influences play a significant role in property selection, and being able to filter by them provides valuable information for potential buyers or renters.

This enhancement adds another layer of customization and specificity to property searches, allowing users to find properties that align with their specific needs and preferences. Whether it’s proximity to amenities, environmental factors, or other site influences, users can refine their search criteria more precisely.

Feeds – MRED – Elementary, Middle, and High School Districts & Names

In this update, users can filter properties based on elementary, middle, and high school districts and the names of these educational institutions. This enhancement provides users valuable information regarding the school districts associated with properties listed in the MRED feed.

By introducing these filters, users can prioritize properties located within specific school districts or near particular schools, ensuring that their housing search aligns with their educational preferences and requirements. Users can tailor their property search accordingly if they seek proximity to top-rated schools or specific educational programs.

Adding elementary, middle, and high school district filters and school names enhances the depth and precision of property searches within the MRED feed, ultimately empowering users to make more informed decisions when selecting a property.

FEEDS – NTREIS – Filter/Display Field – Primary School Name

With this update, users will be able to filter properties based on the primary school name in the NTREIS feed. This enhancement provides users valuable information regarding the primary schools associated with properties listed in the NTREIS feed.

By introducing this filter, users can prioritize properties near specific primary schools, allowing them to tailor their property search to align with their educational preferences and requirements. Whether seeking proximity to a particular school or considering educational opportunities for their family, users can refine their property search more precisely.

Adding the primary school name filter enhances the depth and specificity of property searches within the NTREIS feed, empowering users to make more informed decisions when selecting a property.

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