Why It’s Important to Log Everything

It’s important to log everything and every action you take on your leads within the CRM system. The reason why you’re going to want to do this is so that you can keep track of your activities and understanding when you last tried to contact someone or if you last spoke to them so that you know when to follow up with them.

So when we open up a lead, how we’re going to be logging things is of course, through the call. So logging our calls if we’re doing them manually, or when we’re using the dialer and dialing those leads, it’s going to automatically log those calls for you. Again, you will have the ability to filter your leads based on the last call. Also, tagging your leads are going to allow for you to create specific audiences. So if you ever wanted to pull up all your leads that were perhaps a night call lead because you’re going to be making calls in the evening, you’d be able to pull up everyone that is indicated through a previous attempt or a previous conversation that they’re available after five, for example. So those would be your night call leads.

So when we log everything in the system whether it be our calls, our tags, if we’re sending SMS messages, we have the ability to filter our leads by those different actions. So for example, if I wanted to pull up everyone in my system that has a tag that is the night call, I can simply apply the filter and see the leads that have requested a call in the evening. Now you can of course stack filters to create specific audiences for yourself. Or if I wanted to pull up all my leads that I contacted by phone in, let’s say the last five days, I can apply the filter and be able to see all the leads that were contacted by phone in the last five days. Another option is the last call result. So if you wanted to pull up all your leads that your last call resulted in a lead was not there, meaning they didn’t answer the phone. We’d be able to see any call result that was of that filter, which in this case nothing appeared based on how we’ve been logging calls.

Now, another way that you’re going to be using and logging of your information is with the safe filters. So some of you may have all of these filters. Some may only have a few of them, but these filters are reliant on your logging of information. So for example, the number one new lead zero calls log filter is pulling up all your leads that the number of calls is equal to zero. However, the phone is either valid or unknown, and the pipeline is indicating that we have not made or moved any further. So right now there’s 75 leads in this list.

If I pull up Anya, for example, and let’s say I was manually logging a call but logged it as a note, if I go back to the main screen, Anya’s still going to be on this list because I didn’t log that as a call. We can see there’s still no calls logged on here. However, if I click on Anya and log that call as a call, then I actually say, no message left, doesn’t matter what the call result was. And this works, of course, if you’re manually logging your call or of course your safest and best bet is through using the dialer. If we log this call and save it, we’re now going to notice that Anya falls off of this list because she now no longer matches this qualify of number of calls equals zero, because we actually logged the call on Anya.