How to Log a Call

There are two methods to logging your calls when reaching out to leads within your database. The first method would be using the dialer within the CRM. To use your dialer, you’re simply going to click on that phone number and click on dial lead. When you do this, your little pop-up will appear. You will allow it to use your microphone so that people can hear you. This is where you’re going to log your call, initiate your call and log it.

All you have to do is click the green button to initiate the call. It’ll allow you to see that it’s connected and the timer will start. Now, if you wish to disconnect, hit the red button. Before you save and continue, you will want to log your call results. Your call results are located here. Your call results will also be directly connected to your pipeline. For example, if you called and there is no message left, the lead was not there or you opted to leave a voicemail, if your lead was currently on Not set, you would move to try to contact. If it was already on try to contact, it would just refresh at that point.

Your pipelines will not revert back. If you called and there was no message left and they were already on made contact, the pipeline will not move backwards. It’ll only ever move forwards. Now, if you log a call that you talked to the lead, or if the lead called you back on your Twilio number, the pipeline will actually move to made contact. If you log a call as a wrong number, for example, it will automatically mark your phone number as being invalid. In this case, I’m just going to log it as no message left and go save.

Now, if we click up this lead here, we are going to notice that there is an additional call logged on this lead. Here in the notes and calls section, you’ll see that the call was logged. When using Twilio, the call will be recorded and logged in your CRM system as well. Now, if we venture over here to the lead stat section, we’re also going to see that there has been an additional call added to this suite.

Now, should you wish to manually log your call, you can definitely do so again in this notes and calls column. Please take note that there is a difference between a note and a call, so ensure that you’re logging your call as a call. Now, in doing so, you have the ability to backdate your call. You can select the exact timestamp that you wish to have for that call and again, your call results. These call results will still have the same impact on your pipeline as if you were using Twilio. Let’s just pretend we talked to the lead. Again, whenever you talk to a lead, make sure you leave notes and then you go save. Now we can see that there have been six calls on the leads. The pipeline is still on made contact because nothing has changed there, and we can see that the additional call has been logged here.