Release 2.0

New Features and Filter Updates:

Upload Pre-Construction Listings

The popularity of pre-construction projects in today’s market has driven many real estate professionals to focus on this real estate area. That is why we have introduced a new feature to help you improve your business and marketing strategy! From now on, you will have the ability to create a directory of pre-construction projects on the new platform websites, where you can add as many pre-construction projects as you wish. 

Your real estate website will be a great resource of pre-construction project information that includes pre-construction status, amenities, and completion dates. You will also be able to upload floor plans, worksheet and any media that you have on the file.

See how it works: 

  1. Login to you CRM account and go to Site Manager from the main dashboard
  2. Under the “Exclusive Listings” section, there is a menu item titled “Preconstruction”, displayed for Branded V2 sites only. On click, you will see a pre-construction page, where you can upload new projects and see a directory of all added projects.
  3. To upload a new project, click on the plus icon in the top right corner. Uploading the information is similar to uploading exclusive listings on your site. There are four sections to fill out: General, Property Details, Photo Gallery and Marketing.

Pro-tip: Any data that must be filled out in order to save the listing has an asterisk besides it.

  1. On general page, add main information about the project, where you will have the ability to specify:
  • Listing Status* (Active/Sold)
  • Building Name*
  • Building Status*
  • Architects
  • Developer
  • Expected Completion
  • Listed date*
  • Sold date* (Displayed only for Sold listing status)
  • Available Units (Specify unit type and starting price)
  • Property location
  1. On the property details page, you can add description, amenities and other details specific to the project:

Development Style* (Select it from the drop-down list)

  • Development Type
  • Number of Storeys
  • Number of Units
  • Available Unit Sizes (From/To)
  • Amenities (Add by clicking on the plus icon)
  • Taxes and Fees (Deposit Structure, Fees Per Square Foot, Bicycle Storage Cost, Locker Cost, Parking Cost)

Pro-tip: Upload each amenity individually – they will have a separate placeholder on the live page!

  1. Add project images by uploading them directly from your computer. The process is the same as for uploading exclusive listings. Click on the plus icon and you will have the ability to select files for upload.
  1. Go to the Marketing tab in order to upload any valuable documents, such as floorplans, or to add tours or any other video presentation. You will have the ability to add:
  • Virtual Tour URL
  • Virtual Tour Youtube Embed URL
  • Worksheet URL (example, a link to a PDF that the visitor can download)
  • Floor Plans URL (supports uploading more files – upload a floorplan for each unit separately)

Pro-tip: Each floor plan will have a placeholder on the live site. Visitors have to register in order to gain access to floor plans and worksheet!

  1. Once all of the details have been uploaded, project can be saved as a draft and published on a later date. If you would like to add it right away to the website, click on “Publish”.

Create a Pre-Construction Page

In Site Manager, there is a new page type available for Branded V2 sites when creating a new page. This page type will allow you to showcase your pre-construction projects only.

See how it works: 

  1. Login to you CRM account and go to Site Manager from the main dashboard
  2. Under the Page Builder section, click on the plus icon in the top right corner to create a new page.
  3. Select Preconstruction page type
  4. You will have to name and add title in order to create the page
  5. Once created, you will have the ability to add description and adjust the preconstruction widget.
  6. In order to edit the widget, hover over it and click on the Settings icon. You will have the ability to change the name of the widget, layout, number of rows and property card display.
  7. Once you are satisfied with the page, click on “Publish” and you are ready to promote your newly created page!

Pro-tip: There is a toggle  “Display Price On Preview” on the widget settings. When turned on, the price is not visible on preview on the preconstruction page.

Homelocator Settings: Generate Leads With HomeLocator App

Real estate apps get millions of monthly visits thanks to the convenience they create with on-the-go searches. In this day and age, most homebuyers begin their searches online, and use a mobile or tablet device to obtain the information they need. With the Homelocator app, property and real estate search is made simple. Your leads can search across the largest set of properties for sale, rent or that have sold previously.

From now on, you will have the ability to prompt your leads to download the Homelocator app directly on the site! This will help to increase lead conversion rates and spark meaningful conversations with your clients.

See how it works: 

  1. Login to your CRM account and go to Site Manager from the main dashboard.
  2. Go to Website settings, and you will see a new section called Homelocator
  3. You will see a toggle “Homelocator App”. When enabled, your leads will have access to your Home Locator app, where they can conduct their home search and take advantage of the app features. When your lead logs into your website on their mobile or tablet device, they will be prompted to open/download your Homelocator app.
  4.  Turn the toggle on
  5. Click on “Save Changes”. You’re done!

HomeLocator App: Automatically Prompt Leads To Open/Download Homelocator

Pro-tip: We added another setting in this section to help you streamline your business and generate more leads. From now on, you will be able to generate an app link for leads that are not in your database. Generate new leads by offering them the ability to browse through all active listings + Sold Listings (In available MLS’s) by downloading the app. When someone downloads the app through this link they will be asked to register – all leads that register through this link will automatically be added to your CRM.

See how it works: 

Handpicked Listings: Email Subject Personalization

Email personalization is more than just a strategy. It’s a way to connect one-on-one with each lead that reaches out to learn about your services. If you want to improve engagement with your leads, the best time to start personalizing your emails is now.

To help you improve your strategy, we introduced a new feature for hand picked listings. From now on, you will have the ability to customize the subject line. This way, the listing email will stand out in your lead’s inbox.

From now on, you will have the ability to prompt your leads to download the Homelocator app directly on the site! This will help to increase lead conversion rates and spark meaningful conversations with your clients.

See how it works: 

Login to your CRM account

  1. Find the lead that you would like to send the email to and open their profile
  2. Click on the email icon below their email address to select listings
  3. Click on “Add filter item” to find the properties matching the criteria for this lead
  4. Once all of the filters are added, click on “Apply filter” to see the results. In order to select the listings for sending, click on the property to select. You can select up to 50 properties
  5. Once all the properties are selected, click on the button “Customize & Preview Email”, displayed in bottom right corner
  6. Erase the default subject and enter your own. Additionally, customize the email by adding a custom note.
  7. Click send in the bottom right corner. That’s it – you’re done!

New Filters for Waterfront YN and Waterfront Features: ITSO ID33 & ID35 Data Feeds

For our ITSO and ITSO VOW users, we’ve added two new listing filters- Waterfront YN and Waterfront Features. Your website subscribers now have the ability to filter listings based on these two new filters. If you wish to update their Saved Listing Search, Waterfront YN and Waterfront Features are also available in the CRM Saved Listing Search filter list.

See how it works: 

Need help with our new features?

If you need any help, email our support team at and we will be happy to help!


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