Release 2.10.

New Features and Updates:

Feeds Update: More Info Added Under Full Property Details

We are thrilled to announce an exciting update to our software that will provide you with even more comprehensive information in the Full Property Details section of your website. Starting now, you will find additional details under the “Taxes & Fees” and “Building” sections, giving your users a more comprehensive view of the property they are interested in.

Here are the key enhancements:

1. Taxes & Fees: We have expanded the information in the “Taxes & Fees” section. Users will now have access to details regarding Common Elements, Central Air Conditioning, Cable/TV, Heat, and Hydro. This comprehensive breakdown will help potential buyers or renters better understand the expenses associated with the property and make more informed decisions.

2. Possession Date: The Possession Date will now be included under the “Building” section. This important detail will give users a clear understanding of when they can expect to take possession of the property. Whether it’s for planning purposes or coordinating move-in logistics, this information will be readily available to help users make informed decisions.

By providing these additional details, we aim to empower your users with the information they need to evaluate properties more effectively and make informed decisions.

Benefits of this update:

Enhanced Transparency: By including detailed information about taxes, fees, and possession dates, you are providing greater transparency to your users. They can confidently assess the financial aspects of the property and plan accordingly.

Informed Decision-Making: With access to comprehensive information, users will be able to make better-informed decisions about the properties they are interested in. The additional details will contribute to a more complete picture of the property’s features and associated costs.

Improved User Experience: This update improves the overall user experience on your websites by offering more extensive and relevant information in one centralized location. Users can conveniently access all the necessary details they need without navigating through multiple sources.

We believe that this update will greatly enhance your users’ experience and help them make more informed decisions. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact our support team.

See how it works:

CMS/Website Update: Improvements to Map Usability

Here is one more exciting update to the AgentLocator platform that focuses on enhancing the usability of our Map Search feature. With these improvements, your website visitors will enjoy an enhanced user experience while searching for properties on the map. We have made significant enhancements to the zoom and hover functionality, as well as improved price formatting, ensuring a smoother and more intuitive experience for users.

Here’s what you can expect from this update:

  1. Enhanced Zoom Functionality: We have made improvements to the zoom functionality, allowing users to seamlessly zoom in and out of the map. Previously, users could zoom in and out of the map using the mouse scroll. However, in this update, we have removed the zooming via mouse scroll functionality. Going forward, users will be able to zoom in and out of the map exclusively by using the “+” and “-” buttons. This change streamlines the zooming experience and ensures better control over the map view.
  2. Improved Hover Functionality: Previously, the hover preview would remain open even when the mouse was moved away from the pin. In this update, we have improved the hover preview functionality. Now, when you move the mouse away from the pin, the preview will automatically close. This improvement ensures a more seamless and user-friendly experience, reducing any unnecessary visual clutter on the map.
  3. Refined Price Formatting: We have also improved the price formatting displayed on the map. Prices will now be presented in a clear and consistent format, making it easier for users to understand and compare property prices. This update ensures a more professional and visually appealing presentation of property information.

Benefits of this update:

– Enhanced User Experience: By improving the zoom and hover functionalities, leads will have a smoother and more intuitive experience while searching for properties on the map. These enhancements aim to make property exploration more engaging and efficient.

– Increased Information Accessibility: With the improved hover functionality, leads can quickly access key property details without leaving the map view. This saves time and allows for a more streamlined property evaluation process.

– Clear and Consistent Price Presentation: The refined price formatting ensures that property prices are presented consistently across the map, making it easier for leads to compare prices and make informed decisions.

We believe that these improvements will greatly enhance the usability of our Map Search feature and provide your website visitors with a more engaging and efficient property search experience.

See how it works:

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