Release 2.11.

New Features and Updates:

CRM Update: Enhanced Lead Alert Settings in CRM

We are excited to announce a significant update to our CRM software, specifically to the Lead Alerts feature. With this update, we have introduced four new lead alerts, providing you with even more valuable insights into lead activities. These new alerts include Lead Unsubscribed, Lead Created a New Saved Search, Lead Submitted Questionnaire, and Lead Registration (moved from the Profile tab).

Key Enhancements:

Lead Unsubscribed Alert: This alert will notify you when a lead unsubscribes from your communication or marketing emails. It lets you stay informed about lead preferences and adjust your communication strategy accordingly.

Lead Created a New Saved Search Alert: This alert will notify you when a lead creates a new saved search within the CRM system. By receiving this alert, you can quickly identify leads who are actively searching for properties that match their criteria, enabling you to provide timely and relevant assistance.

Lead Submitted Questionnaire Alert: This alert will notify you when a lead submits a questionnaire. This helps you identify leads who have engaged with your questionnaires, allowing you to prioritize follow-up and tailor your communication based on their responses.

Lead Registration Alert (moved from Profile tab): This alert will notify you when a lead completes the registration process, providing their contact information and potentially indicating a higher level of interest. By receiving this alert, you can promptly follow up with the lead and provide personalized assistance.

Benefits of the Update:

  • Improved Lead Insights: With these new lead alerts, you gain deeper insights into lead activities and engagement. By staying informed about lead unsubscribes, saved searches, questionnaire submissions, and registrations, you can proactively respond to their needs and preferences.
  • Timely Follow-up: The alerts enable you to prioritize your follow-up efforts based on lead activities. By receiving real-time notifications, you can reach out to leads promptly, ensuring timely and personalized interactions.
  • Enhanced Lead Management: The additional lead alerts contribute to a more comprehensive lead management process within the CRM system. They provide valuable information that helps you nurture leads, optimize conversions, and build stronger relationships.

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CRM/CMS Update: Enhanced Unsubscribe Experience with Subscription Settings Page

We are pleased to announce a highly demanded feature in our AgentLocator platform that significantly improves the unsubscribe process and gives leads more control over their email communication preferences. With this update, when a lead clicks on the “Unsubscribe” link, they will no longer be directed to the old subscription page. Instead, they will be automatically redirected to the Subscription Settings page on your website, where they will have the ability to manage their subscription preferences conveniently.

Key Features:

Subscription Settings Page: Leads will be directed to the Subscription Settings page on your website upon clicking the “Unsubscribe” link. This page will provide a streamlined and user-friendly interface, allowing leads to make decisions regarding their email communication.

Granular Unsubscribe Options: On the Subscription Settings page, leads will have the option to choose between unsubscribing from all email communication or just specific saved searches. This granularity enables leads to tailor their preferences based on their specific interests.

Frequency Adjustment: In addition to unsubscribing or selecting specific saved searches to unsubscribe from, leads will have the option to adjust the frequency of emails they receive. This feature allows leads to decrease their email frequency instead of completely unsubscribing, ensuring they stay connected with your content while managing their inbox effectively.

Benefits of the Update:

  • Enhanced User Control: The Subscription Settings page empowers leads by providing them with control over their email communication preferences. They can easily manage their subscriptions and choose the level of engagement that suits their needs.
  • Streamlined Experience: By redirecting leads to the Subscription Settings page, we address previous concerns such as the presence of a large AgentLocator logo and the hidden 2-step process. This update ensures a seamless and transparent experience for leads.
  • Improved Communication Options: The ability to unsubscribe from specific saved searches and adjust email frequency offers leads more flexibility in managing their email preferences. This feature accommodates their evolving interests and reduces the likelihood of completely opting out.

We are confident that this upgrade will greatly improve the unsubscribe experience and address the concerns raised by leads regarding the previous subscription process. If you have any questions or need assistance in implementing this feature, please reach out to our support team.

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CMS Update: Enhanced Sorting Order in CMS Site Manager

We are excited to introduce a highly anticipated feature in our CMS Site Manager that offers greater flexibility and customization options for sorting listings. With the addition of a “Sort by” setting to the Listing widget settings, agents can now choose from various sorting options, including Newest, Oldest, Price high to low, and Price low to high. This update empowers agents to customize the sorting order, enhancing the user experience for website visitors.

Key Features:

“Sort by” Setting: The Listing widget settings in the Site Manager now include a “Sort by” option. Agents can access this setting and choose their preferred sorting order for listings displayed on the website.

Sorting Options: Agents can select from a range of sorting options, including:

Newest: This option displays the newest listings first, allowing users to see the most recent properties available.

Oldest: This option displays the oldest listings first, providing users with a historical view of available properties.

Price high to low: This option arranges listings in descending order based on price, showcasing higher-priced properties first.

Price low to high: This option arranges listings in ascending order based on price, showcasing lower-priced properties first.

Benefits of the Update:

  • Enhanced User Experience: By introducing the “Sort by” setting, agents can tailor the sorting order of listings to match the preferences and needs of website visitors. This customization improves the user experience and facilitates an intuitive and personalized property search journey.
  • Improved Property Visibility: The ability to choose different sorting options enables agents to showcase listings strategically. Whether focusing on the latest additions, historical listings, or specific price ranges, agents can optimize the visibility of properties to align with their marketing strategies.
  • Agent Control and Flexibility: With this feature, agents gain control over the presentation of listings on their website, providing a more tailored and engaging experience for visitors. The ability to customize the sorting order enhances their ability to highlight specific properties and attract potential clients.

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Feeds Update: Enhanced Property Search by Total Parking Spaces

We are also thrilled to announce the addition of a new filter, “Total Parking Spaces,” to our supported feeds, including TRREB, BeachesMLS, GAMLS, Pillar 9, NWMLS, and ITSO/ITSO VOW. This update allows clients to search for properties based on the total number of parking spaces available. Additionally, we have mapped this information for the Property Details Redesign, ensuring that the parking icon accurately reflects the number of parking spaces for each property.

Key Features:

Total Parking Spaces Filter: Clients can now utilize the “Total Parking Spaces” filter to search for properties based on the total number of parking spaces available. This filter provides an efficient way to narrow down property search results based on parking requirements.

Property Details Redesign Mapping: To enhance the user experience, we have mapped the “Total Parking Spaces” information for the Property Details Redesign feature. This ensures that the parking icon displayed on property listings accurately represents the number of parking spaces associated with each property.

Benefits of the Update:

  • Enhanced Property Search: The addition of the “Total Parking Spaces” filter enables clients to find properties that meet their specific parking needs more efficiently. Clients can now easily search for properties with the desired number of parking spaces, saving time and providing a more tailored search experience.
  • Improved Visual Representation: The mapping of “Total Parking Spaces” information for the Property Details Redesign ensures that the parking icon accurately reflects the number of parking spaces available for each property. This visual representation provides clear and valuable information to clients, facilitating their decision-making process.
  • Increased Feeds Support: We have expanded our supported feeds, including TRREB, BeachesMLS, GAMLS, Pillar 9, NWMLS, and ITSO/ITSO VOW, to include the “Total Parking Spaces” filter. This ensures that clients using these feeds can benefit from the enhanced property search functionality.

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CMS Update for Developers: Enhanced Sharing To Social Media Platforms with CMS Site Manager

With the addition of head content options in the Page Settings, agents now have the ability to upload a link to an Open Graph (OG) image of their choice. This uploaded image will be displayed as a thumbnail when the page link is shared on social media platforms, enabling agents to create impactful and engaging social media advertisements.

Key Features:

OG Image Upload: In the Page Settings of the CMS Site Manager, agents can now upload a link to an OG image of their choice. The OG image serves as a thumbnail when the page link is shared on social media platforms.

Improved Social Media Advertisements: By having control over the OG image, agents can optimize the visual representation of their shared links on social media. This feature enables them to create more compelling and attention-grabbing advertisements, ultimately driving increased engagement and click-through rates.

OG:title and OG:image: We have added the necessary fields for agents to input the OG:title (the title of the shared link) and OG:image (the URL of the uploaded OG image) in the Page Settings. This ensures that agents can customize both the visual and textual aspects of their social media advertisements.

Important: Please contact our Support at for assistance in changing your thumbnail images.

Benefits of the Update:

  • Enhanced Social Media Presence: By utilizing the OG image and customizing the OG:title, agents can establish a strong visual and textual presence when their page links are shared on social media. This feature maximizes the impact of their advertisements and increases brand visibility.
  • Improved Ad Engagement: The ability to upload a customized OG image allows agents to capture the attention of social media users and entice them to click on their shared links. This drives higher engagement and increases the likelihood of conversions and interactions with their website content.
  • Tailored Advertisements: The OG image upload feature enables agents to align their social media advertisements with their branding and marketing strategies. They can select images that best represent their listings, services, or brand identity, resulting in more consistent and cohesive advertising efforts.

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