Release 2.12.

New Features and Updates:

CRM Update: Introducing Client Training Courses in CRM Menu

We are thrilled to introduce a valuable addition to the client CRM interface – the “Training Courses” menu option. This feature enables agents to access training courses directly from their CRM, providing a seamless and accessible learning experience.

Key Features:

  • Training Courses Menu: A new “Training Courses” menu option will be available in the client CRM interface. This option will provide direct access to user training courses, fostering continuous learning and skill development.
  • New Course Notifications: When a new training course is added, the menu icon for “Training Courses” will flash to indicate the presence of new content. This dynamic notification ensures that agents are promptly informed about new courses.
  • New Course Labels: Upon expanding the “Training Courses” menu, newly added courses will be labelled as “new” for a duration of 30 days. This labelling system enhances course visibility and encourages agents to explore new content.

Benefits of the Update:

  • Streamlined Learning Experience: The “Training Courses” menu option provides agents with a centralized location to access training materials, enhancing their learning journey and facilitating skill enhancement.
  • Timely Course Discovery: The flashing menu icon and “new” labels make agents immediately aware of newly added courses. This feature encourages agents to explore fresh content and stay up-to-date with the latest training materials.
  • Convenient Access: Agents can directly access training courses from their CRM interface, eliminating the need for additional logins or navigation to external platforms.

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CRM Update: Improved E-mail Template Creator with Formatting Options in CRM

We are excited to introduce an improved E-mail Template Creator feature in our CRM, empowering users with greater customization capabilities. This update includes adding formatting options, allowing users to customize the size and font of text when creating e-mail templates.

Furthermore, we align the e-mail editing toolbar across all CRM sections, ensuring a consistent experience. This update mainly benefits the “Pick listings to send now” functionality, enabling users to format customized notes according to their preferences.

Key Features:

  • Formatting Options: The E-mail Template Creator now includes the ability to customize the size and font of the text. This feature allows users to tailor the visual presentation of their e-mail templates, enhancing their communication’s impact.
  • Aligned E-mail Editing Toolbar: The e-mail editing toolbar has been standardized across all CRM sections. This alignment ensures that users have a consistent set of tools available while creating and formatting e-mail templates.
  • Improved “Pick Listings to Send Now”: Users can now apply formatting options to customized notes when using the “Pick Listings to Send Now” functionality. This enhancement enables users to create more engaging and personalized content.

Benefits of the Update:

  • Improved Customization: With the addition of formatting options, users have greater control over the appearance of their e-mail templates. This customization contributes to visually appealing and impactful communications.
  • Streamlined Experience: The aligned e-mail editing toolbar simplifies the process of creating and formatting e-mail templates. Users can seamlessly access familiar tools, regardless of the CRM section they are in.
  • Improved Communication: The ability to format customized notes for “Pick Listings to Send Now” allows users to tailor their messages to recipients’ preferences, enhancing engagement and response rates.
  • Increased Efficiency: Users can efficiently design e-mail templates with their desired formatting elements, reducing the need for external editing tools and simplifying the communication workflow.

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CRM Update: Improved Lead Profile with Multiple Property Addresses in CRM

We are thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to our CRM’s Lead Profile feature, providing agents with the ability to add more than one property address for leads.

This update empowers agents by moving the address field up to the lead contact box and allowing the entry of multiple addresses. This enhancement streamlines lead management and supports a more comprehensive view of lead interactions.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Property Addresses: With this update, agents can now add more than one property address for each lead. This feature provides a holistic representation of lead interactions and potential property interests.
  • Address Field Placement: The address field has been moved up to the lead contact box, ensuring that property information is readily accessible and prominent within the Lead Profile.

Benefits of the Update:

  • Comprehensive Lead Insights: The ability to input multiple property addresses enhances the Lead Profile’s richness by capturing a lead’s interactions and interests across various properties. This holistic view facilitates more personalized communication.
  • Efficient Lead Management: Agents can now conveniently manage and associate multiple addresses with a lead from a single interface. This streamlines the process of tracking lead preferences and potential property matches.
  • Improved Lead Engagement: By offering a comprehensive picture of a lead’s property interests, agents can tailor their communication and offerings to align with their needs and preferences.
  • Improved User Experience: Moving the address field up to the lead contact box ensures that vital property information is easily accessible, contributing to a more intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • We are confident that this enhancement will significantly elevate the Lead Profile feature’s functionality, allowing agents to manage and engage leads more effectively. If you have any questions or need assistance in utilizing this feature, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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Feeds Update: Improved Property Search with Total Bedrooms in TRREB Feed

We are excited to introduce a highly requested feature to our TRREB feed, enhancing the property search experience for both clients and agents. With the addition of the “Total Bedrooms” filter, clients can now search for properties based on the total number of bedrooms they have. This feature streamlines the search process and provides agents with more flexible search options.

Key Feature:

Total Bedrooms Filter: The TRREB feed now includes a “Total Bedrooms” filter, enabling clients to search for properties based on the total number of bedrooms. This filter enhances property search accuracy and efficiency.

Benefits of the Update:

  • Tailored Property Search: Adding the “Total Bedrooms” filter empowers clients to find properties that align with their specific bedroom requirements. This customization ensures a more precise and satisfactory property search experience.
  • Streamlined Agent Searches: Agents can use the “Total Bedrooms” filter to efficiently search for properties that match specific combinations of bedrooms and bedrooms+. This feature supports agents in identifying properties that meet their clients’ preferences.
  • Improved Property Matching: The “Total Bedrooms” filter enhances property matching accuracy, allowing clients and agents to identify listings that fulfill desired bedroom criteria quickly.
  • Enhanced User Satisfaction: By fulfilling numerous requests for this feature, we are enhancing user satisfaction and offering a more comprehensive and user-friendly property search experience.

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Feeds Update: Improved Property Search with Parking and Garage Spaces in OneKey Feed

We added one more enhancement to our OneKey feed, enriching the property search experience for clients. With the inclusion of “Garage Spaces” and “Total Parking Spaces” filters, clients can now search for properties based on the availability of parking spaces, both in terms of total parking spaces and dedicated garage spaces.

This feature streamlines the property search process and provides clients with more comprehensive search options.

Key Features:

  • Garage Spaces Filter: The OneKey feed now features a “Garage Spaces” filter, allowing clients to search for properties based on the number of dedicated garage spaces available.
  • Total Parking Spaces Filter: Additionally, the “Total Parking Spaces” filter has been introduced, enabling clients to search for properties based on the total number of parking spaces available.

Benefits of the Update:

  • Customized Parking Preferences: The “Garage Spaces” and “Total Parking Spaces” filters empower clients to find properties that align with their specific parking requirements. This customization ensures a more accurate and tailored property search experience.
  • Comprehensive Parking Search: By offering both garage and total parking spaces filters, clients can choose properties that offer the right combination of parking options, catering to their needs.
  • Efficient Property Identification: These new filters enhance the efficiency of property identification, allowing clients to pinpoint listings that offer their desired parking amenities quickly.
  • Improved User Satisfaction: Adding these filters enhances the overall property search experience, fulfilling client needs and contributing to a higher level of user satisfaction.

We are confident that including “Garage Spaces” and “Total Parking Spaces” filters in the OneKey feed will significantly elevate the property search capabilities for clients. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

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